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Our approach to language teaching is based on maximising the use of the target language from the very beginning


The communicative approach to language acquisition will have you speaking a new language from your first day of class. Grammar is learned in the context of communication and practical vocabulary builds with each class as your teacher facilitates your learning.

Build Confidence

Language is learnt and put into relevant contexts through role plays and real life situations. In this way students become increasingly confident and motivated to commit to learn the target language.

Achieve Your Goals

Whether you want to learn another language for an upcoming trip abroad, for your work, to further your studies or to communicate with international friends and family, Speak the World can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today and start speaking a new language.

To start speaking your chosen language…

Marzio Bettega

Tutor & Founder

Marzio has been teaching foreign languages since he graduated in European Studies with First Class Honours in London.

For 15 years he has been teaching in local Secondary School, and then, together with a few other teachers colleagues, decided to launch a private language school in Upminster for both children and adults.

The aim is to provide a service tailored for each client’ needs making learning fun and engaging.

Students in Havering can now easily access language tuitions, whether they intend to learn Spanish, French, Italian as well as German, Russian, Portuguese or English.